Sunday, October 30, 2011

Image from Holmes

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Not that Holmes - the new Sherlock Holmes movie. I won't go and see it (haven't been to a movie theater in years) but this still from the official preview caught my eye. Nice looking fortress... Must be a bitch to shovel out though. I especially like the utterly useless battlements facing out over the valley. Or maybe they're there for protection against archers on griffins or pegasuses?


Trey said...

Griffins probably were a very serious problem at the time that castle was built. Thank Crom we extincted them!

S. P. said...

The prospect of Doyle and Howard cross-over fiction just made my brain bleed. Whether that is due to the resulting terrible or the resulting awesome is an exercise in judgment best left to the reader.

Loquacious said...

Who doesn't love battlements?

Dangerous Brian said...

That said, Edinburgh and Stirling castles both look out over sheer, stony cliffs. They have battlements overlooking the cliffs too. And damn, but right down through history did they need them.

Chris Creel said...

I usually see one movie in a theater each year. The last films Sally and I saw in the theater where Alice and Wonderland and Star Trek, which was great. I thought Mr. Burton's Alice and Wonderland was a bit over the top. I'm certain that Sally wants to see that new Holmes film too.

christian said...

I think I will summer there next year. Hopefully, the battlements will keep me safe from flumphs.

ze bulette said...

@Trey: Yes. Thank Crom's Day will be upon us before we know it! In the Dordogne, we eat turkey as a symbol of this conquest (tastes just like griffin).

@S.P.: Hmm, sounds good to me. Then there's D&D meets Doyle and Sherlock as wizard: "It's Elementalism!"

@Loquacious: Yes... must have been purely for aesthetic reasons here.

@Dangerous Brian: I respectfully disagree with the examples you've given - Edinburgh's cliffs are not as sheer nor as high above the surrounding land as the above image implies and in looking at photos of Stirling I do not see crenallations on the cliffside of the structure! :P

@Chris: Last time I went was to Dawn of the Dead (remake) in 2004. At this point it's getting more difficult to go back just due to the novelty of having not been there in so long.

@Christian: But flumphs are Lawful Good! You mean to say you're evil? Huh. All this time.

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