Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Old School (Arcade) Games on the Local Rebound?

I've only recently heard about the Vintage Arcade Museum in the Whitaker neighborhood here in Eugene, OR. I hope to get down there and take some video before too long - this old school pencil & paper gamer's heart is warmed to hear that someone wants to keep these old arcade machines alive!

The nearness of the Ninkasi Brewery and Izakaya Meiji (whom I've previously posted about here) is convenient - some brief liquid encouragement and its off to the arcade! Oh yeah. Right down the street from some excellent soul food, I should add...

Thursday Update: KVAL (local TV station) picked up this story for their 5 and 6pm news broadcast. They have some pictures up on their website, including this one - looks like they've applied for a liquor license. Nice.


Sean Robson said...

Man, I miss those smoke-filled dens of inquity that were the arcades of the '80's, with the cacophany of bells from pin-ball machines and the electronic explosions of dying space invaders. And in the dark recesses, between Ms. Pacman and Joust was the guy in the leather jacket selling pot. Good times.

ze bulette said...

Ha! Yep, that's the place I remember too. Our guy wore a jean jacket though - if he wasn't there he might be at the other end of the mall, behind the counter at Spencer's. "Prepare to Qualify..." :P

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