Monday, December 21, 2009

HP Boxes Poll Results

Re: Hit Point Check Mark Boxes in Published Modules...

Like 'em: 23%
Hate 'em: 20%
Huh? : 27%
Meh: 29%

Pretty even spread here, but I was surprised at the number of folks who've apparently no idea what I'm even talking about. Perhaps this will make it clearer:

I haven't played any Hackmaster personally but I've seen a HM module or two and these were in 'em. I think I've seen them in some non-TSR AD&D modules too, but I forget. I can't even remember where I got this example from, but I think it was from an indy module intended for OS games.

I actually like them a little bit, just for the fact that I'm lazy and it saves me a small amount of time in game play.


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Dave White said...

I don't mind 'em - in fact, I use something similar in my own notes while I'm typing them up - but I'm iffy about them appearing in printed modules. I either have to make a copy of the pages, or mark up my book, neither one of which is ideal.

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