Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wherein I Discover Some Nice Maps Hiding Inside A Rolled Up Battlemat

So there were a few mostly unexamined items I acquired as part of the Craigslist find some time ago. Some of these were large battlemats (something I’ve never used before). These were rolled up, and now that it’s been nearly two months since I got them, the other day I unrolled one and discovered to my surprise the following:

The World of Greyhawk Box Set’s two maps, very carefully lined up and laminated by the previous owner. There aren’t even any thumbtack holes in the corners.. Nice! Funny thing is, I had opened that box, and was disappointed to discover that the maps were missing. I then went and bought a complete box with maps, combined the best parts of the two boxes, and sold the one with missing maps. Then I find this. Still, very pleased and am slightly tempted to use them even though I’ve been plotting out a homebrew campaign setting for some time now. What to do. Maybe I should just put them up on the wall in the office...seems a shame to keep them hidden away somewhere all rolled up.


Don Snabulus said...

There was a town called Calbut in Greyhawk where the hex line crossed the L in the name. My little sister and I always called that Cat Butt. I think I have that map in my pile of old stuff somewhere.

christian said...

That is an awesome find. I am envious!

Gamer Dude said...

Those two maps hung on my best friend's wall from 7th grade all the way through 12th...we adventured there for 5 solid years. What great memories.

I love the Darlene Greyhawk maps...they're head and shoulders above anything else I've seen from that period. Hand drawn, everything from the icons to the fonts themselves, it was a masterpiece.

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